Meet Our Staff

Linda Carswell
Is the founder and president of The Smocking Shop Inc. She started The Smocking Shop in November 1981 just prior to the birth of her fourth child Katie who will soon turn thirty- three! (She now has 9 grandchildren.) Besides taking care of the management duties associated with running a small business, Linda also teaches beginning smocking, fine children's sewing and heirloom sewing. In addition, Linda is a licensed Martha Pullen instructor for Husqvarna Viking and teaches special heirloom classes developed by Martha Pullen Co.

 Billy Brown
is our BERNINA and Husqvarna Viking factory trained service technican

Diane Ciolek
mother of 2, may be five foot nothing but she is a ball of energy with more talent in her little finger than most of us have in our whole bodies! She  teachs some of her wonderful classes which include Mastery Embroidery training, Soup to Nuts, creative machine embroidery and many more.
     Alice Willingham